by Mouth

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Jesse Estes - drums / vocals
Harper Ellenburg - bass / vocals


released February 8, 2016

-Recorded by Matt Whitson
-Album cover by Joseph Wheeler



all rights reserved


Mouth Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Sowing Chains Reaping Locks I. // Trepidation
it aged through time molding growing softer weaker
corner stone gives way drops the floor into deep void
deep in the mire bereft of reason fear catches me
Track Name: Inside
i'm a fabrication
i am a lie
feel the sensation
in your eye


i'm a warhol silkscreen
hanging on a wall
come down and see me
in the hall


manufactured for you
inside i'm blank
cause you told me to
i guess i'm to thank

Track Name: Human Achievement
i feel the world move another turn
in relation to eternal spin
the tendons tense emotions deep
I feel the cog's vibration

epiphany of human movement
speeding and slowing rotation
my anatomy exceeds me
churning alongside revolution

i am right here in this divine orbit
i am right here in this instant of all places
Track Name: Cute Ragdolling
my head in the wall
crawling and trudging it solves nothing
choking on the breath of my words
staring blankly through your skull i find what makes your hurt
my words the noose around your neck
my words the noose around my neck
for what reason is my face split open
all these reasons lost all these faces cut
Track Name: Front Room // Communion of Her
stabbed in the chest did i not give you my best
i assume i will be in your room
i hear your feet move through the floor will you please answer your door
chew her flesh drink her blood communion of her body
broken for me
Track Name: Voyeur
i live through you
i live your life

i watch you lose life

when i see you
i know
Track Name: Desert Brings
Element of Salt
Element of Bone
Element of Wind
Element of Dune

Element of Dry
Element of Sun
Element of Breath
Element of Done